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Eco series

10 KVA to 320 KVA

Supernova Diesel Electric Gensets are powered by "Escorts"/ "Volvo Eicher" / "Mpower" Diesel Engine ranging from 10 kVA to 320 kVA. The complete DG Set range is CPCB II Complaint & NAL (National Aerospace Agency) approved. Each Supernova Diesel Electric Genset is manufactured under a stringent quality assurance process and undergoes in-house testing. Engine corresponds to ISO 3046, BS 5514 and DIN6271. The technical data applies to an engine operating on a fuel with a calorific value of 42.7 MJ/Kg(10200 Kcai/Kg) and a density of 0.86 Kg/Liter(7.01 LB/us gal). AC Generator performance corresponds to IS: 13364 & IEC 60034-1.

The unmatched fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance are the key factors which makes them the preferred choice of customers.

Salient Features
  • 2 to 4 Cylinders in line up to 62.5 KVA DG set
  • Low Operating cost & Maintenance cost
  • Compact Size for easier transportation and installation
  • Higher Block loading Capability
  • Ready to use
  • Suitable for outdoor application
  • Reliable technology product: Value for Money
  • All safety features
  • Environment Friendly
  • Higher capacity radiator for 50 Deg C operation.

Standard Scope Comprising of:

Diesel Engine / AC Generator / base frame / Standard Control Panel / Radiator / Silencer / Battery & Battery Cables / AVMs / First Fill of Lub.Oil / First fill of Coolant / D.G Set controller / Fuel tanks / Wiring harness / Sensers.

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